Friday, November 20, 2009

Unable to see the Hyperion tab in Excel 2003

Problem : The missing Hyperion tab in Excel (but present in Other Office Application)

Solution :

If you go into Excel, then select 'Help', then About MicroSoft Excel, then you'll see 'Disabled Items'. Scan the list for HSAddin.Dll. If this is on the list, highlight it, then select the 'Enable' button. (this is my first suggestion). I've also had to do the following in some isolated cases:

You should also try re-registering the following 3 SmartView DLL files. To do this, simply locate where these 3 files are stored on your local machine (the file names are):


Usually these are stored within the following path: C:\Hyperion\Smartview\bin

To Register the files:

Open DOS (start->run->cmd) and change your path to C:\Hyperion\SmartView\bin
Type in the following, hitting enter key after each line:
regsvr32 hsaddin.dll
regsvr32 hsspread.dll
regsvr32 hyperionsmarttag.dll

You should receive a 'success message' for each file you register. Reboot your machine following this, and go back to Excel. Your menu should now be in place.

I hope this helps



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